Premier Services and Management, LLC
                                  About Our Company

Premier Services and Management, LLC provides quality  property management services, including a full range of accounting services, daily attention to property maintenance issues, as well as management of  capital improvement projects.

Premier Services represents a select number of clients with interests in Savannah and the surrounding area.  By limiting the number of clients, Premier Services can provide the time and attention required to ensure the best possible service.  Our goal is to concentrate on quality assignments where results can be achieved quickly and efficiently for the client. 

At Premier Services, we believe successful property management is achieved through sound financial and operational management and an excellent maintenance program.  We believe it is important to keep a property in excellent and safe condition and to "manage" the operations and the finances in such a way as to protect the property owners' investment.

Premier Services has earned a reputation for its excellent customer service.  We are highly regarded by our clientele and tenants for the quick response time and the consistent attention to detail.  Our friendly and exceptional service sets us apart from other  property management companies.  

Premier Services and Management, LLC
P.O. Box 13310
Savannah, GA 31416

(912) 236-7575