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Services Offered

Choosing a professional management company is a very positive step. However, the choices are many and, unless you have a good understanding of what is required, your Board or Committee may have a very difficult time making an informed and knowledgeable decision.

Following are specific services provided by Premier Services & Management, LLC, which set us apart from the competition. Although many management firms will perform some of these services, none have the staff, expertise, and equipment to perform them as thoroughly and conscientiously as Premier.

Below is a listing of services provided by Premier:

01. Community Management and Supervision
02. Support Services
03. Architectural Control
04. Rules and Regulations
05. Vendor Records
06. Vendor Insurance
07. Association Insurance
08. Collections
09. Quarterly/Yearly Financial Reporting
10. Covenant/Lease
11. Property Site Plans/Information
12. Meeting Notice Requirements
13. Complete and Accurate Documentation
14. Property Inspections

1. Training and Leadership
Premier holds regular staff meetings to ensure high quality and consistent management policies and procedures are developed and followed.  

2. Support Services
Premier has departmentalized areas of support for its communities. This includes fully staffed departments of accounting and facilities maintenance.  The telephone system allows the caller to leave a message any time, day or night, and provides emergency contact numbers for staff members. 

3. Architectural Control/Rules and Regulations
Premier routinely inspects properties for any violations against Recorded Covenants, as well as published Rules and Regulations.  The staff serves as a conduit for Architectural Control Requests between homeowners and board members, implementing  procedures & ensuring all information is gathered for review. 
4. Accounting
In addition to monthly payables, receivables, and financial reports, a system of checks and balances is in place to ensure that vendor payments are made through an invoice approval process, requiring the maintenance coordinator's inspections and approval.  All bank accounts are reconciled on a monthly basis.

5. Vendor Records
Premier trains its staff to require the procurement of W-9’s. The Federal Government requires back up withholding from subcontractors who do not provide W-9 forms. 1099’s are issued to vendors and contractors in compliance with Federal laws. Checks are not issued to contractors who have not submitted all required documentation. 

6. Vendor Insurance
Premier is aware of the dangers associated with hiring contractors without liability and workers compensation insurance. Managers are trained to request proof of insurance from contractors to protect the association from a potential lawsuit. The insurance information is entered into the computer system for tracking purposes and the vendor is notified upon expiration. 

7. Association Insurance
Premier works with insurance agents, monitoring expiration dates of all policies.

8. Collections
Premier has a collection policy in place for tracking accounts from the day of delinquency through the lien and foreclosure stages. An aggressive collection effort includes reminder notices each month and notices of intent to file a lien. Should a lien become necessary, a title search is performed and a lien filed against the delinquent owner to protect the association’s interest. Again, a computerized “notebook” is utilized by the collections department staff to monitor each account. A collection report is provided to the community manager on a monthly basis.

9. Owner Records/Closings
New accounts are set up on the computer utilizing the information obtained through loan closing and court records.  The accounting staff works with local attorneys, providing all documentation and information necessary for loan closing.

10. Financial Reporting
In addition to Premier’s preparation of the association’s monthly or quarterly financial statements, accurate records are maintained and provided to local certified public accountants for tax return preparation. The engagements are then monitored to completion, and the tax returns are filed with the appropriate governmental agency. 

11. Management Tracking System
Premier’s administration department tracks and monitors each association’s requirements to file its annual business registration with the State.

12. Horsepower
Premier has developed a wide range of professional contacts throughout the industry. These contacts include attorneys, contractors, insurance agents, county services, certified public accountants, and any other professional services which may be needed.

All of the above services are available, in addition to Premier Services having a solid background in all phases of community management. Through on-going training, supervision and dedication, Premier provides superior quality service to all clients. The Premier staff has a sense of urgency and attention to detail which is the secret to our success.

If you would like a brochure on how Premier can assist you, please call (912) 236-7575 or email Janice Rossiter at  Regardless of your management needs for your community, Premier has the solution. 

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